Uranian System

The Sources Store for Modula-2 and Oberon-2 Programming Languages



Win32 API (for XDS Modula-2)
Link Date Description Submitted by...
WinCrypt.zip 14/08/02 WinCrypt Andrey A. Pereverzev
ODBC.zip 03/07/01 ODBC 3.0 Victor V. Sergeyev
WinSock2.zip 03/07/01 WinSock API version 2.2.x Victor V. Sergeyev
WinIOCtl.zip 14/09/00 (draft quality) Device I/O control codes Alexander N. Naumov
CustCntl.zip 10/06/98 Custom Control Library Vladimir N. Serebryakov
RichEdit.zip 10/03/98 RichEdit v2.0 Alexander N. Naumov

Other API (for XDS Modula-2)
Link Date Description Submitted by...
PGP.zip 03/07/01 Definitions for PGP library (ver. 1.7.1) Victor V. Sergeyev
CRC32.zip 10/02/01 CRC-32 checksum implementation Alexander N. Naumov
FreeImage3.13.zip 09/11/09 FreeImage 3.13 Alexander Iljin

Oberon-2 source code
Link Date Description Submitted by...
Perfect.zip 12/07/01 Build the Perfect Hash Function for fixed set of keywords. Alexander N. Naumov

Modula-2 source code
Link Date Description Submitted by...
qdtools.zip 22/11/19 Q&D Tools for DOS. *Freeware* distribution. Now it partially ported to Win32. Please read the included readme.
WARNING! If you get a false alarm of antivirus software, just ignore it.
Philippe Guiochon
fbenchm2.zip 20/11/17 A Modula-2 port of John Walker's FBENCH (floating-point bench) tool Philippe Guiochon
Xls21.zip 07/03/05 XLS, a module to generate Excel 2.1 native files, useful for simple reporting and export of data. No Excel installation required. Fredi Cobo
lumos.zip 01/08/04 LUMOS-2 - Laurentian University Modula-2 Operating System. (c) 1992 Grant R. Guenther
FarMod02.rar 02/11/02 Hello world plugin written in Modula-2 for Far Manager Eugene Kotlyarov
Bt.zip 18/05/02 BT a module for the management of data and indexes in a single file, written to be compatible between Windows and DOS applications. Fredi Cobo
scl.zip 17/09/01 Modula-2 Software Component Library. (c) 1989-90 C. Lins

Link Description
DIS-10514.zip Modula-2 Draft International Standard: DIS 10514 June 1994. Document ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG13 D203
d259.zip Generics In Modula-2: ISO/IEC 10514-2 1998/01/29. Document ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG13 D259
d260.zip Object Oriented Modula-2: ISO/IEC 10514-3 1998/01/25. Document ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG13 D260